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Running your own business and being self-employed offers freedom and great potential, but you need to ensure you are filing an annual 1099 Income Tax Form properly. Many people lack knowledge of managing their taxes when self-employed and this has shown with an increase in tax-debt over the last few years. Protect yourself from the IRS by getting the professional help you need with 1099 Tax Help services. Understand your taxes, manage your finances, and arrange a monthly repayment plan based on your situation. You can't avoid that tax debt forever, so better to have a professional help you come up with a plan. 

Application Process

If you are self-employed and you work as any of the following, you may qualify for tax help with 1099: 

  • Uber/Lyft/Postmates Driver
  • Real Estate Agent / Insurance Agent 
  • Artist / Graphic Designer 
  • Construction Worker 
  • Airbnb / VRBO 
  • Trucker 
  • Consultant 

By filling out an online application, you can take the first steps to living a debt-free life. Individuals will need to input some basic personal and financial information into 1099 Tax Help's free consultation service. By providing the reason for your tax-related debt, your total amount owed, your full name, email and a contact number, the company can analyze your current situation.  

On completion of your application, your information will be shared with 1099's trusted partners, and you will be contacted to discuss your repayment options. The most suitable financing firm will reach out to you to discuss the most feasible solutions. 


Debt Services

1099 Tax Help works with a team of professionals to offer effective debt-relief programs for their customers. They organize and manage all of the client’s paperwork, arrange payment installment agreements, or in some cases extensions, negotiate settlements and release or prevent bank levy or liens on your property.   

By signing up for 1099 Tax Help, you will be assigned to the most suitable tax-relief program for you. All of your separate debts will be consolidated into one loan, which you will then pay off in monthly payments. 1099 will negotiate with the IRS to reduce your total amount of tax owed, and their main aim is to clear all of your debt in the most efficient way. 

All of their services work towards reducing fines and penalties for their customers and even cutting the total amount of tax-related debt owed in half. Their professional service is there for support during your entire process. They even provide customers with weekly updates of their application.  


Types Of Debt Covered

1099 Tax Help offers support for a tax-related debt for those who are self-employed. More and more people are venturing into their own businesses without the experience of dealing with taxes. This sees a higher number of individuals building up tax debts through credit cards, expenses, and business loans or assets. But fear not, 1099 Tax Help has got all of these covered and offer solutions for all your self-employed tax issues.  

  • Types of debt covered in this service are: 
  • Penalties 
  • Unfiled Taxes 
  • Owe More Tax Than Expected 
  • Self-Employment Issues 
  • Business Tax Issues 

Customer Support

1099 Tax Help debt consolidation provides a straight-forward application for their customers online. If anyone is experiencing issues or having trouble completing the form, there is a contact number for their customers to call one of their team of experts for assistance. Their staff are known for their professional excellence when communicating with clients and addressing their needs, effectively.  

Furthermore, if individuals wish to contact the company with any questions, feedback or complaints they may do so by phone call, email or post. Their support team should be in touch within a few working days of receiving your message.  

  • Weekly applicant updates
  • Free consultation
  • IRS experienced staff
  • Limited website information
  • Must have $7,500 tax-debt
1099 Tax Help specializes in helping self-employed workers who find themselves in significant tax debt.

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