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CreditAssociates debt-relief offers a variety of services for individuals experiencing financial difficulties. Whether you have curated debt from credit cards, medical bills, or any loss of income, CreditAssociates is here to help.  

With over 13 years of experience, this company has settled over 270,000 debt accounts and resolved over $1 billion in debt. Customers can say goodbye to debt and start living a debt-free life in as little as 24 to 36 months, with CreditAssociates’ help. 


Application Process


To get things started, it's as simple as filling out a 2-minute form online, with some basic information, or calling CreditAssociates directly to provide your personal details. Their team of experts will go through your financial situation with you before deciding if their service is the best debt settlement scheme for you.  

Once you have ensured you meet CreditAssociates criteria and are happy to move forward, they then go through the repayment terms and conditions and create the most efficient saving plan for you to clear your debts. If this sounds appealing to you, CreditAssociates debt relief gets to work straight away by negotiating with your creditors.  

CreditAssociates will set up a private, secure savings account for you in which you debit monthly agreed payments. As soon as you generate enough credit into this account, the company will use this total payment as a negotiation for debt settlement. CreditAssociates takes care of of this so all you have to do is make your monthly payments on time. Leave the rest to them 


Debt Services


CreditAssociates debt relief offers a variety of services to lead you to a debt-free life. Depending on your circumstances, one of the following may be more suitable for your financial situation. 

Debt Counselling 
Are you suffering from debt-related stress? You don't have to go through this alone. CreditAssociates’ team of credit counsellors stand by to assist you with relief management services. By advising you on how to deal with your financial situation (through budgeting and managing your money more efficiently), they are with you every step of the way. 

CreditAssociates offers one-to-one sessions with their team of professionals to educate on how to handle your finances and set realistic budgets. The company offers personalized programs suited to your financial situation and usually take around 36 to 72 months to clear your debt.  

Debt Management  
If you need more than just advise, CreditAssociates debt relief offers a management scheme which looks at all money owed and creates a timeline in which these need to be paid off. This service is not a loan but a repayment scheme with your current finances. Once this payment plan is agreed, you will make regular payments to your creditors which clears all of your debt in a given time period. This time frame ranges from 3 to 5 years. 

Debt Consolidation 
As their most popular service, CreditAssociates combines all of your separate debts into one which is replaced with one loan. This is then paid off as a single payment, on a monthly basis. You are still required to pay your total amount owed, as well as some interest for this new loan. However, instead of dealing with separate companies you will only have one to repay.  

It is important to ensure that you can afford to make each monthly payment on time, as not doing so will have a huge impact on your interest. You could end up in more debt than when you started. This option usually requires a higher credit score in order to avoid missed payments. 

Debt Settlement  
If you owe a high value of debt, CreditAssociates provides a debt settlement service which negotiates with your creditors. You will pay monthly payments into an account and save up an appropriate amount which will be used for negotiation.  

By offering your creditors an upfront payment, it is possible to lower the total owed as companies will receive their money faster. This benefits lenders as they will only pay back a fraction of what they actually owe. Debt Settlement Services with Credit Associate will usually clear individuals of their debts within 24-36 months, making it a great option for those wishing to live debt-free in a short time frame.  



Types Of Debt Covered


Regardless of what type of debt you have, CreditAssociates has a relief service for you. This covers Credit Card Debt, Hospital or Medical Bills, Financial Hardship including Divorce, Job Loss or other unexpected expenses. The company requires that customers have a minimum debt of $10,000 or more.



Customer Support


If you wish to contact CreditAssociates, you may do so at any time via telephone. They do not offer an email support service or an online chat option. Their website includes a FAQ section where customers can explore common issues and hopefully find the answer to any of their questions. Furthermore, they have a Debt Relief Blog with articles related to debt in which their customers can benefit from.


  • Mobile supported app
  • Free consultation
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Limited states covered
  • No live chat option
CreditAssociates can lead you to a debt-free life through a variety of repayment or management services.

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