In a nutshell: Debt Consolidation Care gives you knowledge and direction to deal with the overwhelming process of tackling debt. No matter the amount of your debt, they can work with you to assess your situation and determine a plan to get you on the road to becoming debt free.



If you’re looking for guidance through the process of consolidating and eliminating your debt, Debt Consolidation Care has the resources and the coaches to set you on the right path. The company will help you evaluate your financial situation and assist you with figuring out the best plan for handling your debt. Their website offers a treasure trove of information for those who are beginning the process of dealing with their debt. When using the services of Debt Consolidation Care, you’ll never feel alone in your debt journey because their website allows you to interact with people going through the exact same thing.


Application Process

To start the application process, complete the form on the Debt Consolidation Care website. The form requires minimal information and is easy to fill out. You’re asked to provide your name, an email address, your debt amount, and a phone number that you can be reached at. 

After filling out the form, a financial coach contacts you for a free consultation in order to review your overall financial situation. The financial coach will discuss the best plan for your debt repayment with you. Your introductory session begins when you and your financial coach list all your creditors, debts, and interests. With this information, the financial coach will help you prepare a monthly budget plan. 

Once you’ve established a budget plan, your financial coach connects you with a client relationship manager who works to help you resolve your debt. The client relationship manager will speak with your creditors in order to negotiate your debt repayment. They may be able to help reduce the number of collection calls you receive.


Debt Services

Debt Consolidation Care offers counseling for individuals who have debt. The company provides resources and guidance for debt consolidation and other debt services. They can even speak with creditors in order to stop collection calls. 

Signing up with Debt Consolidation Care is easy and requires little time and information. After providing your information via a form on the website, you’re contacted by a financial coach who will help you evaluate your financial situation. 

Along with financial coaches and client relationship managers, the company connects you to a forum of other people who have gone through or are currently going through the process of repaying their debts. You’re able to navigate your debt repayment with the guidance of professionals and the advice of people who have been in your situation. The company provides great services for individuals looking to educate themselves on the best ways to get out of debt.


Types Of Debt Covered

Debt Consolidation Care focuses on helping you get rid of your debt. The company provides services to people with credit card debts, store credit cards, personal loans, medical bills, accounts that are in collections, and other unsecured bills. Debt Consolidation Care doesn’t give you the money to pay off these debts, but they do offer counseling and resources to help you make the best decisions when it comes to resolving these types of debt.


Customer Support

Debt Consolidation Care can be reached by phone or by live chat on their website. The website provides a wealth of resources that customers can access when they have questions about their debt and how to manage it and pay it off. A unique feature that the company offers is a forum where customers can connect with people like them who can give advice when it comes to debt.



  • Stop collection calls
  • Free counseling
  • Free debt calculators
  • Rates and pricing unclear
  • Good credit required
Debt Consolidation Care provides counseling and resources to help individuals in debt.

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