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Are you a veteran struggling to pay off your tax-related debts? Find the tax debt relief you deserve with Veteran Tax Services. This private financial company offers support for those experiencing financial hardship by negotiating with the IRS to reduce your total tax debt. Their debt relief programs allow individuals to manage their taxes and pay back less than they originally owed. Veterans can save up to thousands of dollars by using Tax Veterans Services.  


Application Process

If you are a US army veteran with significant tax debt, you are likely eligible for help with Veterans Tax Service. By completing their online application, you can find out the best tax relief options for you, in just a few simple steps. This service is quick and easy and even better, free-of-charge! 

Individuals must provide some personal and financial information. This includes how much total debt you owe, your full name, zip code, contact number, and email. After this, Veterans Tax Service will share your information with their 5 trusted, partner companies and analyze which firm is most suitable for your situation. Once your application is confirmed, you should expect a call to the contact number provided to start your tax debt-relief process.  


Debt Services

Veterans Tax Services works with some of the best financial experts in the industry. Veterans can rely on their professional tax attorneys, CPAs, and enrolled agents to negotiate a settlement with the IRS. So if you have served time as a member of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or as a Commissioned Officer in the Public Health Service then this service may be the answer for you.  

Veterans Tax Services provides a matching service that collaborates with debt-relief firms in order to find the best solution possible for individuals experiencing financial hardship. Their debt consolidation service allows veterans to take one single loan which covers all of their separate tax-related debts and pay this off monthly. A benefit of this service is that their team of experts have experience with the IRS so know exactly how to negotiate with them and achieve a successful outcome. Customers end up saving thousands by only paying back a fraction of what they owe, in an upfront payment. 


Customer Support

As Veterans Tax Service is only a matching service for other companies, customers rarely need to contact this firm. If they are experiencing issues with their debt-relief program, it is more efficient to contact that company directly. However, for those individuals who wish to find out more about the service or need assistance for their online application, they can connect with Veterans Tax Services by phone, email, or post.  

  • Free consultation
  • Free updated credit scores
  • Veterans specialist service
  • Service fees
  • Limited States availability
Veterans Tax Services helps veterans clear tax-related debt, with all the support they need along the way.

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