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In a nutshell: FIIZY is a financing app with services in several countries worldwide. They allow you to compare personal loans offers in their convenient mobile app.



As one of the fastest growing lending marketplaces, FIIZY Personal Loans offers an easy-to-use app for securing money quickly. Based in Tallinn, Estonia, FIIZY Personal Loans also operates internationally in Spain, Poland, Argentina, Mexico, Peru, and in the United States with more markets to become available soon.  

The competitiveness of the loan market means online lenders need to find ways to set themselves apart. FIIZY Personal Loans does so by offering friction-free financing using state of the art app-based technology to shop for and compare the best personal loan offers. 

Most online lenders provide basic information on their website, such as loan amounts offered, APR ranges, and loan terms, to make the lending process as smooth as possible from the start. FIIZY lacked that information upfront, and customers may have to go through the application process before knowing what to expect in terms of rates. The website would better serve customers by publishing more details from the start instead. That being said, borrowers with excellent credit ratings benefit from higher loan amounts and lower interest rates.  



FIIZY’s partner lenders will provide rates and terms during the pre-qualification process. To obtain this rate, you need an active bank account, proof of income from a job or other source, valid identification, and be at least 18 years old.   

Loan Process

FIIZY Personal Loans has a fast and easy loan process through its finance app. FIIZY online lenders can tell you almost instantly if you are approved, how much you can borrow, and repayment amount and frequency. This stands out as a huge plus in comparison to traditional banks, in which case it takes much longer to get approved. Online lenders don’t have the same overhead as banks either. Nor do they face the same regulatory costs. In this way, you can pay less with an online lender through FIIZY and expect lower interest rates and service fees.  

The FIIZY website states, “Choose the amount you need or just select FIIZY as your payment type in a shop or online store”. Sounds good right? If you feel comfortable handling the lending process from the app then you could shop around and secure excellent rates on a personal loan with FIIZY. 

Less-tech savvy users, who prefer hands-on financial guidance, may prefer a different process. FIIZYs’ mission states “a commitment to the customer”. While their offer of a stress free loan process sounds appealing, information on the website remains vague on how that process works exactly. Customers who feel less comfortable using the app may require an explanation on how to utilize the FIIZY market credit options. 

The website lacks any clear explanation on rates and repayment upfront. Customers may have difficulty in deciding if this online loan company is receptive to their loan needs since decision making information lacks from the start.   


Loan Terms

Some online companies give borrowers basic information about loans terms offered, minimum/maximum amounts, and repayment terms. This gives customers a chance to shop around before proceeding through the application process. Customers may feel discouraged by the lack of information available before applying. The website would better serve customers by explaining the application and lending processes in more detail prior to actually submitting the forms.

That being said, FIIZY Personal Loans will find the best credit options based on your financial needs. As with similar online lending marketplaces, those with better credit history will secure better rates on a loan. For more information, you need to contact them for answers related to your specific loan needs.   


Customer Support

Although FIIZY Personal Loans posts contact information online, the company only offers support via email, social media, and post. The website lacks a direct phone number to reach customer support. If you need assistance, email stands out as the best approach to discuss the process of finding a lender that works best for your needs.   

If you need assistance, you may feel frustrated by the lack of convenient support options, especially for US-based applicants. That being said, FIIZY works with various lenders who will connect with borrowers throughout the lending and repayment process at the point of negotiating an offer. 

FIIZY Social media accounts have under 500 followers, not a lot compared to competing companies. Still, you can use the social media to learn more about the company through their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, for example, and sign up for updates. 

  • Access to immediate financing offers
  • Fast approvals & payment
  • Choice of credit options
  • Website lacks details
  • Limited customer support
Founded in 2011, FIIZY Personal Loans offers a convenient app for shopping for and comparing offers from international lenders.


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