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If you need money fast, but you don't have any credit or you have bad credit, Life Loans personal loans can help. The service will find a lender that will give you a personal loan despite your situation.  

Life Loans takes applicant information and compares it to the loan requirements of the lenders in its network. The referral company makes it easy to connect with many different lenders through a single application.  

Life Loans personal loans does not require a credit score minimum. However, applicants should note some requirements to receive a loan, including having a monthly income that exceeds $1,000. Life Loans is not a lending company itself. Once Life Loans finds a loan for you, and you accept the offer, your lender handles everything from repayment to customer service.  




You don't need to have good credit in order to get approved for a loan through Life Loans. However, the company has some basic requirements that you have to meet to be considered by the lenders within their network.  

Applicants should have a steady monthly income of $1,000 or more. They must also prove that they've made $1,000 or more for at least the last four weeks. If you apply, you need a valid phone number where you can be reached at work and home. In addition to this, Life Loans personal loans requires a current bank account in the borrower’s name in order to receive funding.   


Loan Process


Applying for a loan through the Life Loans website is easy, and the application only takes a couple of minutes to complete. You start by entering the amount you wish to borrow, your monthly income, your credit score, and your zip code.  

After you've provided those basics, Life Loans will ask you for more information to determine which of its lenders you match up with. In addition to details like your name, address, phone number, and social security number, you'll need to provide information about your income and  

Life Loans needs to know how much money you owe to credit card companies, your source of income, and how often you get paid. After you provide all of this, service will take the information and use the loan review procedures provided by the lenders that they work with to determine for which loans you qualify.  

After Life Loans reviews your application, you'll receive a list of loan offers. This represents the best time to compare offers from different lenders to see how their loans differ when it comes to APR, repayment terms, and origination fees.  

Once you've found the loan that best fits your needs, you complete everything else with the lender that Life Loans has referred you to. The terms of your loan are set forth by the lender. After you enter into an agreement with a specific lender, Life Loans is out of the process.  Funds transfer from lenders to borrowers in as little as 24 hours.  


Loan Terms


Life Loans is not a direct lending company and does not disperse funds to anyone who applies for a personal loan through their website. Because Life Loans refers applicants to other lenders, the terms of any loan will depend on the lender, the loan amount, and your creditworthiness. After you receive approval for a loan, you'll be subject to the terms, fees, and conditions set by the company.  

Most of the lenders that work with Life Loans specialize in working with borrowers with no credit or bad credit. You'll benefit better rates when it comes to things like APR if you do have a decent credit score. If you're approved for loans through multiple lenders, it's best to understand all of the terms of the loans to determine which loan and lender work for you. 


Customer Support


The Life Loans website has an FAQ section where you can get general information about their terms and services. You can contact the company either by phone or by a contact form on their website. They usually get back to customer inquiries submitted through their website form within three days. If you've been referred to a lender through Life Loans, it's best to contact the customer support team of that lender for assistance with anything concerning your loan.   

  • Easy application & approval process
  • No minimum credit score
  • Funds delivered quickly
  • Loan terms not always clear
  • Lack of customer service
Life Loans matches borrowers with no credit or bad credit with personal loan options between $100 and $40,000.


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