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LoansUnder36 provides funding for people who need quick cash for up to $35,000, whether to pay for a wedding, vacation, home improvements, or any other personal reason. Their aggregate service connects borrowers with a network of hundreds of lenders, and even those with low credit can qualify for a loan with LoansUnder36.

Prospective customers can submit their application in minutes before receiving a list of offers to choose from. As the name suggests, loans available through this service do not exceed 35.99% APR or $35,000, and those with good credit can qualify for rates as low as 5.99%. Throughout the process, the LoansUnder36 staff stands to guide borrowers through shopping for, accepting, and paying off a loan.




LoansUnder36 requirements are flexible compared to other personal loan providers. Because LoansUnder36 doesn’t have a credit limit, even those with bad credit can qualify for a loan. Of course, the available rates and repayment terms will depend on a person’s credit and other financial related factors such as employment history and income. Some of the other conditions to qualify include:

  • Must have a bank account – Checking Account preferred
  • Must be 18 years old
  • Must be a U.S. citizen
  • Must have a regular source of income



Loan Process

All in all, customers can get through the initial application process in a matter of minutes. LoansUnder36 accepts online applications through their website and requests information such as loan amount, bank account information, and driver’s license number. LoansUnder36 will ask for some personal and financial information but strictly uses this data for the sake of finding the right loan. All information remains encrypted and private.

After filling out the form, it takes several minutes to process. After that, LoansUnder36 will come back with a list of loan offers. Because LoansUnder36 has a broad network of hundreds of lenders, customers can choose from different loan products with varying APRs and repayment terms. Once you choose your loan, you’ll need to provide a bit more information before accepting the offer.



Loan Terms

LoansUnder36 has a broad network of lenders so that customers can choose from a range of loans and repayment terms. Available loan amounts range between $500 up to $35,000. Although $35,000 may seem like a lot, most other lending sites will allow for much higher loans.

LoansUnder36 rates depend on the applicant’s qualifications including credit score and income. Those applying for a loan with low credit will likely qualify for loans with a higher APR closer to 35%. However, those with good credit can get a substantially better rate as low as 5.99%. Repayment periods range from 61 days up to 72 months.



Customer Support

LoansUnder36 boasts a highly responsive service team, and customers can expect to hear back within just a few minutes after contacting them or submitting an application. Customers can get in touch by email or post. The website offers some information to help prospective borrowers get started, but overall, the help center and FAQ is limited to just the basics.




  • Poor credit accepted
  • Hundreds of lenders
  • Flexible terms
  • Limited online support
LoansUnder36 secures personal loans for up to $35,000 through a network of hundreds of lenders.


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