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In business since 2012, Credible offers a wide variety of loan services including student loans, student loan refinancing, and personal loans. Rather than providing loans directly, Credible hosts an online loan marketplace which allows students to compare interest rates of private student loans from a variety of lenders. Individuals can fill out an online application which takes just a few minutes to generate real-time quotes, most suitable for their needs.  

Credible student loans covers college, graduate, and professional degree education. Rated higher in terms of private student loans, Credible saves borrowers time and money when shopping around for education financing options. 


Who is Credible Best For?

As Credible is only a loan marketplace and not a lender, the eligibility will differ depending on which private student loan company the individuals chooses. However, in order to utilize this online comparison service, applicants must meet a few general requirements. 

Firstly, the individual must be a United States citizen or resident. The minimum age to qualify is 18, however, if students are younger they may still apply with the assistance of a co-signer. In fact, the majority of Credible's student loan borrowers include a co-signer in their application as it may decrease interest rates and increase the likelihood of a successful application.  

Furthermore, the individual must have an excellent credit score if they wish to be accepted for a loan. So if you are a student seeking financial help to cover your education fees which expand further than what federal student loans offer then Credible can provide the best options for you.  


Loan Rates & Terms 

Credible provides a comparison service free of charge with no hidden fees. That means applicants won’t have to pay any origination fees, service fees, or prepayment penalties. 

The lenders which Credible work with have a maximum loan amount which generated by deducting the amount of financial help that students have already received from the total cost of education tuition fees. This will then show students the maximum amount of financial assistance they can receive.  

The pre-qualified rates given to individuals for comparison are real-time quotes and can change at any time. Lenders set criteria for their borrowers which affects their loan rates and may change regularly. So if customers feel happy with the quote they receive it is advised to act on this and apply directly to ensure they secure that rate. 

Credible allows individuals to compare student loan rates from 3.70% variable and 3.95% fixed APR without affecting your credit score. Keep in mind these rates will vary depending on the chosen lender. In terms of repayment, the variety of loan terms range from 5-20 years which allows customers to choose the best option for them. Payments are made on a monthly basis directly to the lender, not Credible. Credible then receives a fee from the chosen lender for referring students to use their company to finance their private student loan. 


Application Process

Credible offers a variety of student loan options with real-time quotes based on the information customers provide. The application process is only one page long and requires individuals to input personal information including their financial situation which evaluates their current credit score. This process does not affect the credit rating. 

Credible student loans analyzes this information and generates the best options for that particular application. These student loan options are listed for students to compare and decide on the best option. 

After the applicant chooses their preferred lender, they can proceed to the loan process where the chosen loan company will run a credit check before offering a loan. After completion, individuals can finalize their application with Credible student loans and should receive a call from the lender to confirm everything. After this, the loan is then forwarded to the school of choice and deducted from tuition fees.  

Customer Support

Credible student loans includes an extensive FAQ section on their website that individuals can access 24/7 to find the answer to any queries they may have. Also, customers can review their Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Security pages for guidance on how the company operates. 

If individuals wish to contact Credible directly for the support they can do so by sending an email in which their team of representative will respond to in good timing. You can also reach Credible via their online chat where customers can speak directly with a member of staff or by phone call 7 days of the week: 

Customer Support Hours:
Mon - Thurs 6am-6pm PT 
Fri 6am-4pm PT 
Sat/Sun 7am-4pm PT 

Applying for loan financing can be difficult and stressful. To ensure customers have a smooth experience with this process, Credible offers a three-way call support with themselves, the borrower, and the lender which allows clear communication on all the terms and conditions of loan options.  


Word on the Street

What are actual Credible borrowers saying about the service? On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Credible has an A+ rating in addition to 5/5 stars on customer reviews. Furthermore, on TrustPilot, Credible has a score of 9.5/10 based on nearly 2500 customer reviews. While some of these reviews may be for other Credible loans such as personal loans or mortgage refinance loans, the vast majority are from actual students who used their loan service to enjoy competitive rates and excellent support. 

Additionally, Credible student loans is relatively active on its social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. They share helpful guidance and relevant posts for student and loan financing which their customers can highly benefit from. Individuals have praised the support they offer online. 


  • Multiple lenders compete to offer best rates
  • One easy online form
  • Funding for full cost of degree
  • No 24/7 support
  • Minimum credit score of 620 required
Credible is an easy to use student loan service that connects students with a marketplace of lenders.

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